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Our journey throught Sustainability

We are analyzing our current impact, possible areas for improvement and future commitments through the various stages of the pasta production cycle

A story of inclusion

That Di Martino Group story is a story of inclusion, bond with the territory and respect for quality, raw materials and processing methods that make Pasta di Gragnano PGI famous in the world. The Group today takes a step forward in the field of corporate sustainability, committing itself to progressively reducing the environmental impact of its production plants and providing value to the local communities and well-being to its employees

Our factories

Di Martino Group owns 7 production facilities in total. Four of them are in Campania, dedicated to the production of dry pasta. Two in Emilia Romagna and one in Lombardia, dedicated to the production of fresh and filled pasta. The largest factories are those of Pastorano (CE) and Salerno, both with four production lines of long and short pasta. Our Salerno facility utilizes our own mill that allows the use of freshly ground wheat in the production process, transforming the durum wheat semolina into pasta within 24 hours

Energy consumption and emissions

The energy used by our company in the production of pasta in 2020 equals to 357,614 GJ, this number shows an increase of 4% compared to 2019 due to the 17% increase in production. Thanks to the energy efficiency initiatives described below, the ratio between the energy consumed and the production of pasta is down by 15% compared to 2019. The correct monitoring of the energy consumption of the individual production units is at the basis of the energy efficiency plan undertaken by our group

International certifications

To guarantee the quality and safety of our products, the different companies within Di Martino Group have obtained various international certifications, including the International Food Standard and the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety which, through an audit system, can verify and certify the correct use of a HACCP system, a management system and adequate hygiene and safety practices along the production process

Research and innovation

The management of research and innovation, is a direct responsibility of the Quality and Development Department which job is to search for new, tastier and healthier production techniques, and cutting-edge technologies to minimize the use of natural resources in the production process. However, the production of dry pasta is a centuries-old tradition for the Di Martino Group that uses only two raw materials, water and 100% durum semolina wheat, generating minimal waste in the production process

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We spread our company's values through our collaborations

Promoting sustainability, social inclusion and the "Made in Italy" excellence are central to our vision and core values of every collaboration we develop with our partners


Ours is a true family story

For 3 generations we have been bringing to life our 100% Authentic Italian Di Martino pasta with passion and respect for tradition

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