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Di Martino Experience

Elegant and cozy showrooms, the Pasta Stores aim at putting everybody in contact with the extraordinary world of PGI Gragnano Pasta.

An original and captivating total pasta formula: the unique experience of our Pasta Bar.

For those being in a hurry, all the taste of our pasta is translated into a handy take away solution: here you are La Devozione, Spaghetti with tomato sauce according to Pastificio Di Martino.

Pasta store

Over 120 shapes on the shelves of Di Martino stores widen visitors’ minds, who are finally free to discover new pasta shapes and choose their favorite ones among all those being simultaneously present in the same place for the first time. Classic, special, regional, organic and whole wheat shapes, long or short, smooth or striped, pierced or flat, tiny or huge, hand-wrapped according to tradition, to be broken in smaller pieces to celebrate Sunday with family, ancient shapes recovered from a past that can only belong to Gragnano, the City of Pasta.

Our Pasta Stores tell about passion for a territory: precious potteries, handcraft items, aprons and kitchen tools, Neapolitan recipe books and original gadgets complete the range of gift ideas devoted to all the lovers of Italian excellence.

Pasta genius

No pasta shape will end up into the wrong recipe anymore thanks to the Pasta Genius advices who, through a tailoring approach, guide consumers towards their purchases, while revealing the perfect pairing between pasta and sauce!

Tin boxes

Pasta bar

From appetizer to dessert, through its over 120 shapes PGI Gragnano Pasta is the real protagonist of Di Martino Pasta Bar.

The show occurs before guests’ eyes, who seat around the open kitchen, so close to the chefs to be able to watch them at work and smell the aroma of their dish being cooked at the moment. Tricks and secrets to enhance the most delicious carbohydrate unveil themselves before the diners who, being seated one next to the other, can share comments and advices on how to repeat the same magic at home.

All around, in a fine space with an extremely selected mise en place, while serving a glass of wine or a taste of local extra virgin olive oil, the maitre tells about the territory and the ambitious project of Pastificio Di Martino, which enthusiastically leaves pasta finally express its high potentiality at international fine dining levels.

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Tailoring Total Pasta

An innovative and captivating formula, rooted in the Neapolitan spirit and contaminated by the Eastern cuisine, to be tried alone or with whoever you wish, for a fine dinner or a quick lunch, choosing between à la carte and tasting menu proposals.

Tricks and secrets

Logo La Devozione

The practical aspect of a take away box combined to the high quality of Di Martino PGI Gragnano Pasta. Bring with you the most famous Italian dish and enjoy it wherever you want!

The Mediterranean flavor

La Devozione is the recipe of Spaghetti with tomato sauce according to Pastificio Di Martino. PGI Gragnano Spaghetti bronze die extruded and slowly dried at low temperature, cooked and served in just 8 minutes, the best corbarino tomato, a great Italian extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil and a slice of bread on the bottom to collect all the Mediterranean flavor into a ‘scarpetta’.

A timeless dish

Pastificio Di Martino at FICO Eataly World

The historical pastificio from Gragnano has brought all its know-how and the flavor of its territory to Bologna. Inside FICO Pastificio Di Martino has built a mill and a real production line, that guide visitors towards the steps to make dry pasta, from milling to kneading semolina with water, to bronze die extrusion and drying process, up to the packaging of the final product.


A multifunctional space

Over 120 shapes of PGI Gragnano Pasta cover the shelves of the Pasta Store, where our pasta genius guide clients towards the perfect match between pasta and sauce. A casual and design pasta bar, offers the best Neapolitan pasta recipes, while inside the Pastificio Gragnanese pasta is 360° narrated, from land to plate, through guided tours that aim at inspiring and enriching visitors.

The most delicious pasta after Gragnano’s one!